Welcome to the three-day orienteering races of the Šumperk Wild Boar Trophy.

The race will take place in the area of the Holy Trinity - in the area where the Czech Relay and Clubs Championships were held in 2017. The camp will be in the same place as the center of the championship. You can look forward to the wild and waterlogged mountain forest, high quality maps, demanding tracks and last but not least the local beer Sherak :-)

Basic stage information

Etap Race type Race centre
E1 Middle Moravský Karlov (camp)
E2 Long František's hut
E3 Shortened long Moravský Karlov (Camp)


Mountain forest in the area of Hanušovice highland at an altitude of approx. 600 - 840 m above sea level. The forest is predominantly coniferous with varying runability and an average dense irregular network of communications. The valley part of the forest is waterlogged. There are remains of military activity in the field. There is almost no seasonal vegetation or undergrowth in the terrain.


Final results

Results of the third stage

Result of team competition after second stage: 1st 38P - UKS Orientus Lodž, VCB - OB České Budejovice and ABM - KOB Alfa Brno
Price of best team.

V soutěži týmů po dvou etapách vede oddíl 38P

Startlist stage 3

Sprint results

Results of the second stage

Results of the first stage

We have published startlist by classes, (ORIS) and startlist by clubs, (ORIS).

Organizers will provide luggage transport from Moravský Karlov (bus stop above the church / map) to the camp on Friday. It only applies to tents and heavy camping and cooking things! With respect to the capacity of transport car another luggage will not be transported. Luggage will be picked up at the edge of the camp (next to the toilet) after transport. If you are interested in transport of luggage, please keep this luggage ready in the car, no downtime. Thank you for your understanding.

We have published Bulletin no 2.

Courses are prepared. We published Course parameters. Instructions (bulletin 2) will be soon here.

We kindly ask competitors who have ordered the campsite accommodation and who will come with caravan to inform about this by email (write also the type of vehicle and the registration mark). Thank you.

Menu and Drink menu in our camp buffet.

We are changed latest entry date to July 20th. Entries system ORIS.

Information for international payments

      IBAN: CZ63 0800 0000 0024 5966 5339

Registration of the Šumperk Wild Boar Trophy has been shifted to the July 10th (1st entry date). 2nd entry date is 2018/07/15. Entries system ORIS.

New photos of the terrain. Photo gallery.

1_i.jpg, 18kB 2_i.jpg, 18kB 3_i.jpg, 18kB 4_i.jpg, 18kB

In the broader area of the event center, there are many places worth visiting. Kralicko is a region filled with lookout towers, First Czechoslovak Republic era border fortifications, and also beautiful stretches of lush, highland nature. Šumperk Wild Boar Trophy is therefore a perfect opportunity to do some hikes, cycling, swimming or sky-walking in the area. To help you plan your spare time between individual races, we made a list of all kind of vistas in the area, as well as most of the swimming spots. You can find it all in the TOURIST ATTRACTIONS section.

English version of Bulletin #1was published

Registration of the Šumperk Wild Boar Trophy was started. Entries system ORIS.

Photo gallery of the race

Race site started

Partneři KVS Šumperk


Racing map

The race will take place in the area where the Czech Relay and Clubs Championships were held in 2017 which will be extended in the north-easter direction to the Holy Trinity.